All who seek the doorway shall find it, find passage, and cherish the open gate, for one who enters returns anew.

Light Years Away is a naturally and supernaturally inspired interactive sculpture. It is a representation of the boundary between the plane of existence and that which lies beyond. That plane is punctuated by a symbol of a powerful natural force, the vortex. This vortex is a doorway through which we can send our thoughts and prayers to the other side. It is a shrine, an altar, homage to our spirituality and the rituals that connect us.


Light Years Away is a beacon.

From a distance it is a lighthouse in a dark place. It signals to its citizens day and night with light and fire and smoke without pause. It is a centinel, a refuge, a place of hope that lies at an intersection. It is a boundary in an empty place. Into the darkness it sends the light and warmth of this place and this time, and through its spire the vibration of this world. Upon approach it is an artifact. It is from the future, the past. It is utterly foreign and beautifully familiar. It is a dystopian relic….It holds secrets, power, mystery, energy, hope.


Light Years Away is a boundary.

The elevated flat plane of the piece represents the intersection between good and evil, life and death, the natural and supernatural, our universe and those parallel. Below it is the Earthly realm and the narrow range of that which we can understand…It is punctuated by the vortex, a representation of the powerful physical forces that shape our universe and that which cannot be seen or understood. Light Years Away celebrates the vortex as a symbol of the cultural tradition of imbuing natural forces with folklore, mythology, ritual, and meaning as a way of connecting the world we understand with that which lies beyond. Across time and across cultures the vortex has been a source of spirituality and folklore. The Navaho called them chiindii, and believed they were the spirits of the deceased wandering across the landscape. In the Middle East they were the source of the genie myth. Tornados have been described as the finger of God. The vortex is not just an Earthly phenomenon but is a manifestation of the underlying forces that create all things. They exist in the spiraling arms of galaxies, in the swirling of ocean currents, in the accretion disc of an infant solar system, and surrounding the mysterious black hole.


Light Years Away is an altar.

Close up it has a powerful presence. It is tall. It covers a large space, the corners of which are held like by a centinel with 20’ columns the shapes of which are the arcs of  fifty foot circles. They are covered with seating. They are respite for the weary. They are a place to sit and observe. To rest. To reflect. At the intersection of these great circles is a precious point, occupied by the tip of a 40’ spire with a flame that burns continuously. It is the beacon, the light, the furthest point of our reach to the other side. A light in a dark place….to draw attention, to make our voices louder. At its base forty feet below, the spire terminates into a precious stone, a vessel through which the vibration of the Earthly plane is channeled like through an antenna up and out into the other side. It sends+ a vibration from this plane to the next; through the stargate. Around the spire is a grand vortex, One approaches the altar by stepping into the great triangle. On the ground on the outer sphere is inscribed a riddle, to be understood by the righteous. It is an instruction, on how to activate the stargate. The process requires a buildup of energy. One that starts with a wish, or plea, or scream passed into the vortex, up its spirals, through the doorway, and then ejected brightly and loudly out into the other side. This moment of release is the passage of all the sadness and pain and passion, the love and hate, the longing, and the compassion that we feel channeled from our minds through this doorway in a ball of smoke to some other place.


Light Years Away is a tool.

It is the product of numerology. Every diameter a spiritual number, every height, every length, every geometry divine by design and unified into a powerful tool. A stargate. It is the power and perfection of geometry bringing order to the chaos of the vortex. Through it the chiindii is tamed, we pay homage to its greatness and become harnessers of its divine power to open a gateway. A tool for all, a tool for the citizens of BRC. Light Years Away is a doorway, a gateway, a stargate, an altar, an homage. It is a vessel for hope and love and grief. Through it one can confess and pray and cry. One can whisper a secret or yearn for release. One can remember or forget or imagine.....why we can love and hate with such fervor....why we can be so sad, so lonely, so empty. Why we can be lifted up so high...and why we fall so hard.. It is a tool for all. It is a tool for many. It is a doorway for all the sadness, the grief, the longing. For all the hope. It is for us to wield, and for us to revel in, as it is both a doorway to the other side and a doorway into ourselves.


Light Years Away is a symbol…

...of our prowess, our greatness, our conviction, our insecurity. Of our greatest desire for meaning, for validation, for connection to that which lies beyond. We use it to seek out answers and through it we pay homage to the power of the vortex and become harnessers of its divine power.

Light Years Away is a piece intended to have many meanings to many people, united by our presence in this place at this time, in a reality that is light years away from the default world, having experiences that are light years away from the ordinary, meeting people that are light years away from the familiar, making gestures to gods and demons that exist in places light years away from this world. Through it we pay homage to these spirits, these worlds. We send our grief, desires and prayers into the universe as if through a doorway and through that connection to what is light years away we are brought closer together.


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