Stargate Stories - Cody Steele

What would YOU send through the stargate? 
A thought or prayer to a god or demon. A message of hope or grief to the future or past…..a warning….a confession.


Personally, the stargate represents a door to the unknown, the boundary in time between ourselves and our futures. With that in mind, I will send a message to my future self on the day I become a father. When I was young my dad told me that the day I was born his life changed forever. He was barely an adult himself when the weight of responsibility was thrown onto his and my mom's shoulders. Growing up with such young parents was an incredible gift, but I'll never forget or fail to appreciate the amount of work they put in to keeping our family safe, whole, healthy and happy. I always thought I'd be a father by now and maybe that's why I've worked with so many incredible kids in the last 7 years. Hasn't it all just been dad training?

With that in mind I send this message to the future Cody, a new father: First off, congratulations and good luck. At this time in your life it's more important than ever to remember and acknowledge your inner child. Never forget that awkward, blond, bowl-cut boy that lives on inside you every day. He's there whether you love him or not so you might as well love him with everything you've got. On this, the first day of fatherhood -- a new and permanent role in your life -- remember to love yourself as much as you love the little bundle you have in your arms right now. I know you are scared and that is okay. There are countless people, many of whom are probably with you at this very moment, to help with this new and intense transition. While you are never alone, you are responsible so don't mess it up. When times are tough, think back to the hundreds of children you've taught, led, made laugh and helped grow. They were all stepping stones to this, the biggest milestone you've always known. Good luck Papo.

Cody Steele