Stargate Stories - Wynn Earl Buzzell Jr

We seek to build not walls but doorways. Light Years Away is just that, a doorway….a stargate. It is a portal that punctuates a boundary between what we know and we we cannot. Between life and death, between the present, the past, the future, between our universe and those beyond. It is a tool to connect us to the unknown. Send through it what you will.

What would YOU send through the stargate? A thought or prayer to a god or demon. A message of hope or grief to the future or past…..a warning….a confession.

I will send a message to the other side to a sister I never knew. She was my parents first child. She had leukemia and died when she was 9 months old. Her name was Devi Yvonne Buzzell and i missed knowing her. I saw a picture of a singer that reminded me of my mom and sister and it made me wonder if Devi might have looked like that. Would she have the same dark hair and beautiful eyes? Would she be a singer or a dancer? Would she be kind? Would she have a family? Would we be great friends? I will never know the answers to these things and she will never know the joys of growing old...falling in love….having a family….seeing the world. She will never know pain or grief. These are the joys and sorrows of the living. She left this world a long time ago but her spirit lives on in my family and in some other place. Through the stargate I will tell her that we will always love her. That I am sad to have not met her and for my parents who did. We live on for her and will all be together again one day. We remember you Devi Yvonne Buzzell, may your spirit live on forever through us and through the stargate…..