Stargate Stories - Bradley Fontanese

What would YOU send through the stargate? 
A thought or prayer to a god or demon. A message of hope or grief to the future or past…..a warning….a confession?

Empathy, connection, compassion, love. Are these just ideals we strive for, or are they who we are?

I like to believe the latter.

We navigate through life and come into contact with other travelers routinely. Some of them we form bonds with and we journey together---sometimes just a walk down the block, or through the park, or up a mountain. Every now and then we take longer journeys and find ourselves in a new world on the other side.

Left foot, right foot. The sound of your feet hitting the ground eventually comes into sync with the traveler beside you. At some point words fade and you feel a thread of energy connecting your hearts, minds, and bodies.

It's during these journeys that we remember who we are. We share our hopes, dreams, secrets, and vulnerabilities. We connect. We learn to carry something for our fellow traveler. Sometimes we even carry them, or vice versa.

We shouldn't be afraid of these journeys, but the inherent unknowns---where we are going, the terrain and obstacles we may face, the outside forces at work---give us pause and can make us feel uncertain or scared.

Venture into the unknown. Take the long walk. Look up at the sky and feel small. Look at your fellow traveler and feel tall. Take a chance and explore the things inside you that make you human, that connect you to others and scare you. If you don't, you'll never know where your feet may have taken you.