Stargate Stories - Dillon North

What would YOU send through the stargate? 
A thought or prayer to a god or demon. A message of hope or grief to the future or past…..a warning….a confession.

Life as you know it can change in an instant. The only constant you have in your life is yourself. No matter what road life takes you down no matter what wall it might crash into, the only person that will always be there for you is you. The last 6 months have been the most intense, emotional, and challenging of my life, all from the result of a single moment. Through these few months I lost sight of who I was and found myself not liking who I was becoming. I lost sight of the things that made me who I was, of the joy that I used to experience every day. I sought out other things to fill a void that I was making inside myself but I was just really ignoring myself and what I needed the entire time.

These last few months I am lucky enough to have the best friends. They are a constant reminder of who I am and who I wanted to present to the world. Real, compassionate, truth. These amazing people called me out and reminded me of myself and I am incredibly fortunate to be walking this path with them. 

Through the start gate I wish to send a tether, a rope a vine that touches the inner most part of myself. As a constant reminder to never let a worldly experience alter or corrupt that core being. A reminder that no matter what road is taken, whatever disaster happens I can always find my way back to myself. For when you are walking through this world anything less that you’re true self you are not only doing a disservice to yourself but the world.