Stargate Stories - Ethan Lowe

What would you send through the Stargate? A thought or prayer to a god or demon? A message of hope or grief to the future or past...a warning...a confession.
The lovers and friends, I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life, I've loved them all
The Stargate is a mirror. A portal to the past. A movie - replaying our lives. As we sit and watch, every step, every action, every decision unfolds before us. Laid bare.

As I gaze into the Stargate and take a moment to reflect, images of my past swim before me. Whereas before I would only see these as memories, I now see these as opportunities. To learn from my mistakes. To build on my achievements. Opportunities to not suppress the emotions that bubble up while I reflect, but to embrace all these feelings and understand that without them, I would not be whole today.

Homesickness. Loss. Depression.

Laughter. Happiness. Comfort.


But if there's one thing I realize as the movie of my life is projected before me - as these images of my past swirl into the abyss, is that in these images, I don't really see the places I've been, or the things I've done.

Within the Stargate, I see faces.

Look, there's my brother. There's Becca. And my parents. There's Matt and Gilbert. And over here, Sara and Andy. Adam. Rob. Cyn. Mindy and Jay. Lucas. Marijane. Andrea and Colin. Gus. Laurie. Libby. Brian and Cody. Cody and Danny. Nick and TJ. Alicia and Philip. Wynn. My grandfather. My grandmother.

And of course, little Calvin.

I see faces.

Who do you see?

It isn't about where we go or what we do or how much money we make. It's about the people. Friends. Family. Sharing experiences. The Stargate is a portal to the people I care about. A reminder of the experiences we've shared. I hope this is an experience we can share together.
One's just barely getting by
But these people raised me
And I can't wait to go home