Stargate Stories - Stevie Caldarola

What would YOU send through the stargate?  A thought or prayer to a god or demon. A message of hope or grief to the future or past…..a warning….a confession.

Communication (from Latin commūnicāre, meaning "to share") means the connection between people or places. When we communicate, we impart or exchange information, thoughts, news, feelings... and ourselves.

For communication to legitimately occur, the existence of both a sharer AND a receiver are necessary. Without the other, a sharer is simply vibrating the air, and a receiver is processing silence.

We have become a society of sharers. Through busy lives, constant distractions, and instant gratification, many of us have forgotten how to receive. We are closed to others and shouting in frustration on deaf ears. And, most often, the noise pollution can be overwhelming and draining.

Through the stargate, I would put out a call for openness to the receiver in all of us. Take a moment of stillness and then open up to the information that we are taking in. When we are open to truly receive, only then can we authentically connect and have true discourse. When we authentically connect, only then can we begin to grow as a whole.

“When we release, we let in.”

Photo by Jeremy Thomas