Stargate Stories – Misty Powell

What would YOU send through the star gate? A thought or a prayer to a demon or a god? A message of hope or grief to the future or past...a warning...a confession?

When we think of sending something somewhere...anywhere, we think of sending something away or sending something to.

We send 'good' things or 'bad' things. Maybe we send love or fear. Maybe we've lost something or someone and want to connect with them or let go of them. That someone could be ourselves. I may argue it's ALWAYS ourselves we send. We are often either rejecting or clinging to that which we send. Since if we accepted all as is, we may not be inclined to send or act at all. So then what do we send through a portal? Through a dimension? Through any gate we know or don't know anything about? Why send at all?
Release? Comfort? Sadness? Love? I can think of all these things. My initial gut response was to send fear out, just out... away from here. This was for both love and fears' sake. Wanting and hoping that without fear people would be free to love but maybe also I contained fear of all that is a product of fear itself here in this world and this awareness.

But when I really took time to think about it, my nature really clung to sending art out. In form of energy, frequency and vibration. Simply put, I would have to send MUSIC. I love the visual forms of art also. But music transcends I believe. We see animals and other living forms respond to music. This is me sending a basic form of love. How else to communicate this to areas of consciousness that may not understand other portions of our culture or reality? It moves. The mind. The body. The heart. And if there is none of those to send music to it is the sharing that compels us. The creating. But moreover the creating to share. If we are all connected like I believe every thing ever is, not only are we sharing it with each other but ourselves. And we may expand our self awareness in the sharing. As a whole. One love as they say. So we send ourselves to ourselves. We move energy around just for the sake of it. Because we can. And that to me is the nature of life. Not good nor bad, just is. So shall I share. So shall I be.

So if I don't want to reject or cling. If I want to accept, anything I send or share or do would be art for arts sake. Which is fitting for Light Years Away. Since it is art in form of music, movement and elements. Very fitting indeed. And maybe if we could see each others sharing of themselves as the art of self expression we would cling less tightly to these ideas of separateness and duality that may create all this fear in the first place. We can't think away our fear, or send it away magically, but we can replace it little by little with each act of love. Which I may argue is true acceptance at its core. Like neural pathways strengthening with use. Each act an act of self awareness. And music may be the highest form of communication we have here right now. Maybe. It certainly is what I would want to share.

If you could share only one song, what would it be?

Share with me. Share yourself with myself. With your own self. I am a stargate.

~Misty Powell